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"Having had many music teachers, Iíve found Chris to be one of the best. He is very easy-going and flexible Ė and happy to adjust to my constantly changing schedule Ė and I love the way he tailors his lessons to my interests and the things that I want to learn, rather than sticking to a strict curriculum. He is also very knowledgable about music and breaks down things in a way that is very easy to understand."Ė Mikki

"Iíve been playing for quite a while and always wanted to learn slide guitar. Iíve heard from Chris through his You Tube videos and, as a great coincidence, he teaches in a very central location (at Soho), close to where I live. Chris is not only a brilliant player and a very patient, didactic professor, but also truly a blues encyclopedia. Trust me, Chris knows his stuff. Just check his blog and youíll see what Iím talking. And if youíre lucky enough, you might see him playing with one of his bands at NYC clubs." Lio Vicente Ė Brazil

"I have been working with Chris for over 6 months now. I have had several teachers over the years who help me to improve as a guitarist. When I decided to work with Chris it was because of his approach to teaching.

"First, he is probably one of the most knowledgeable musicians that I have known. His depth and enthusiasm of music and guitar playing knowledge is one of his strengths. This is clearly influenced by his advanced degrees.

"Second, he takes the time to assist a student like me in providing the correct way to play licks, strumming patterns and understanding music in a very non-condescending way. He makes it interesting and goes out of his way to send or produce additional materials to me to augment my lessons. He makes you feel like he cares in your development. He doesn't appear to have a "canned approach" to teaching rather it seems he tailors his approach to the student.

"Third, he immediately understood what I wanted to accomplish in my style and playing. Unlike other instructors I have had, he was able to keep my lessons focused to accommodate my guitar playing goal of improvisation. He generally makes me feel like he has a vested interest in my playing.

"Finally, the best part is when we start each session by jamming. I truly feel he looks at what I am doing and provides valuable input to help me become a better musician. I highly recommend Chris as a teacher!"
- Mike Babich